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Do I really need to have my gutters cleaned?


Proper gutter maintenance is a lot more important than many homeowners realize. Properly functioning gutters are actually your first line of foundation defense! 

Is there any way to stop my floors from squeaking?


Sure, old houses creak and groan, but do they have to? No matter whether you have 100 year old hardwood or even carpeted rooms that still won't quiet down, there IS a solution!

What are some ways I can prevent my house from failing a home inspection?

Home inspection

If you're looking to move, there are several common things that inspectors will look for that you may not think of yourself, or may have forgotten about since you moved in.

What maintenance is frequently neglected that I really need to know about?


So often homeowners (and renters!) will clean their dryer traps, but neglect something far more important- something that even causes their clothes not to dry properly and wastes valuable electricity!

Why won't my door close properly?


Any number of issues could be causing an interior door not to be closing as it should. As annoying as that can be, it can be a safety issue if the door won't open, close, or latch like it should. 

How do I save on my utilities?


Some things you can do to save on utilities are simple and obvious. Others, not so much.